Friday, June 13, 2008

Fan Fiction

The mornings are pretty routine around here but theafternoons leave something to be desired. Namely,some of the good times had in the mornings. I fancy myself an amature writer and have begun a series of fiction stories, which are an extension of one of my favorite porgrams. Mainly it fills the time until the next episode, when I'm really thinking about it but if it turns out that someone else enjoys reading these than I've done two jobs! Thanks for listening

One Life to Live with Regis and Kelly
A Short Story By Charles Fergus

"Gellman!" Where's Gellman?" Regis blurted as he sipped his hot expensive New York coffee. "He's over there" Kelly exclaimed, as she brushed away a badgering make up artist. "You're on the air in 5, 4, 3..." Gellman screamed from a dark corner as the show's memorable theme song precipitated upon the excited audience with vigour. The show was on.
Regis rolled through the "cue" cards and jibbered and jabbered away as usual, often interupted by his long time co-host Kelly Ripa, who seemed to have a never ending supply of annecdotes. At times the two of them were screaming, but it never got too heated. After what seemed like 20 minutes, Regis asked Kelly about the guest line up.
"You're not going to belive this Reej" said Kelly, knowing full well that Regis would believe it. He organized it.
"Judith Light is here. And so is Morgan Freeman. The musical guest is the Chieftains"
"What a line up" said Regis, barely controlling himself from screaming.
The audience went nuts. Everyone was so excited for the rest of the show. It was time for a commercial break. But that is when Gellman delivered the bad news.
"Regis" He signaled with a wave. "Bad news". "Judith Light went AWOL".

Next time: Judith Light goes AWOL

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WOW!!!! It looks like "someone" has been "borrowing" the thesaurus from the library!!! Great stories, Charlie!! I'm pretty interested i what happens next with Ms. Light! I hope it's Safe For Work (or retired peeople).